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Subject: Re: FC 77 a novel liquid for insulation/cooling
Date: Apr 28, 11:14 am
Poster: Jim Lux

On Apr 28, 11:14 am, Jim Lux wrote:

>Hi guys,
>anybody heard about FC 77 by 3M? I thought it tml
>But, ...3M that sounds expensive! However, recently I saw a small quantity (3 ltrs. or so) on ebay, for only $5!

Great stuff, one of the "Fluorinert"s. Its the same stuff that they oxygenate and stick the mouse in so it can breathe "underwater".

We used to use it for reflow soldering. It's also used for cooling electronics (very inert, good thermal properties) either by conduction or ebullition (boiling/condensing)

About $100/gallon (in 5 gallon lots, as I recall) about 10 years ago. $5 for about 3 liters sounds like someone filled a bottle at work.