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Subject: The independent scientist
Date: May 03, 10:42 pm
Poster: Rolf L. Quam

On May 03, 10:42 pm, Rolf L. Quam wrote:

I expect a high amount of success from this group - based on history... Many of the most fundamental shifts in science have come from those who have secluded themselves from the mainstream and went on to rock the foundations of "known science."

Newton - hiding from the plague...
Einstein - reading patents...
The guy who bore cannon barrels (can't remember his name - Carnot?)

Or they were "rich" men - who could focus awareness - without worrying about a "paycheck"

Such are the people in this group... Experimentalists... Engineers... Humble... Thoughtfull... Independent... Proud on FACT, wary of theory... Bound by NOBODY! New World explorers all... Captains Courageous! Explorers of a new world. (Or dreamers... Time shall judge...)

There be Dragons here!