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Subject: Re: Unification
Date: May 06, 8:14 pm
Poster: Ben Franchuk

On May 06, 8:14 pm, Ben Franchuk wrote:

>If we are to succeed as a collective, we should have a "common vocabulary" - today this means software and protocols... Plain text is easy and well handled by this board... However, this is not sufficient... I suggest that we "standardize"
>Normal stuff: Microsoft Office 2000
>Flow charts: Visio 2000
>Math: Mathematica
>Control: GPIB
>Systems: LabView

It is a good think I am a lurker here,
I use Linux. :)
I think a better idea is develop a
shared common large vacum chamber for all the
members. This would give more room for trial
and error in design.
Ps. off topic but ,
In a room sized chamber - 20x20 feet
how low a air presssure can one easy get?