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Subject: Re: Fire
Date: May 08, 11:23 am
Poster: Rolf L. Quam

On May 08, 11:23 am, Rolf L. Quam wrote:

Nope, look's like it was just my own clumsiness...
(Although I would not put a prank from one of the tough guys in my appt. cmplx. To get me out. I left a post here just for a record (I was viewing the BBS at the time.) Sorry for any bother. Kitchen sure is a mess. A word for the wise - keep a fire extinguisher near your stove...

>I have just had a situation... The fire department stopped by to turn out a fire... There are claims that I did things that I would not do... The situation is grim... I believe I am being "framed"
>Please keep with me and keep posting... I need the record...