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Subject: Baby Steps
Date: May 08, 3:10 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On May 08, 3:10 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

This weekend I set up my first fusor chamber to check for leaks and ultimate pump-down pressure. The chamber is 4" diameter SS pipe with LF100 flanges on either end, and one each of KF40 and KF16 side arms.
I used a Leybold D1.6B pump, and monitored pressure with: a 531 TC gauge, a 100 Torr baratron, and a 1 Torr baratron. After an hour of pumping, I was able to zero out the 1 Torr baratron. I then used this reading to zero the TC gauge. Next week I'll hook up a 0.1 Torr baratron and use it to check my ultimate pressure. Since the 1 Torr baratron will be working near the middle of its operating range, I can use it to check the zero on the other gauges.
One small step here - next I will need to get a view port and construct a HV feedthrough and grid.

Chance seems to be throwing LF flanges and cylindrical chambers my way. Last week, I picked up a 6" diameter SS assembly with LF160 flanges on either end, and a blanked-off LF160 to LF100 adapter still bolted to one end. Since I already have another LF160-LF100 adapter, this is starting to look like fusor 2. No side arms, though, so I'll have to get creative for viewport and pump down, or send the beast out for some machining.
Richard Hester