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Subject: Re: What do I intend to do???
Date: May 12, 0:59 am
Poster: Patrick Bishop

On May 12, 0:59 am, Patrick Bishop wrote:

Am not too familiar with mathematica--can it do regressions, ANOVAs/MANOVAs, canonical correlation analysis, cluster analysis, and factor analysis? I use SAS and SPSS primarily, apart from simple spreadsheet stuff with Excel.

What are your ideas about spark plugs?

>My intention is to provide a map of neutron production vs potential, geometry and current from 10KV to 200 KV... (axial and radial) I have some ideas about "spark plugs" - but those are insignificant... Would like to help a "coordinated civilian research effort" To me, this is a hobby... However, have chosen "Mathematica" as my "spreadsheet."