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Subject: Re: Spherical Fusor Variables
Poster: Richard Hull

On , Richard Hull wrote:

>In building these fusors, how critical is the geometry of the fusor chamber?

Pretty critical if you want real fusion. The entire process relies on ELECTROSTATIC COLLIDING OF DEUTERONS. This means a critcal focusing of all accelerated particles to a common point in space within the chamber. RH

Do departures from pure spherical geometry affect performance?

If you are trying for a sphere, yes! Other focusing geometeries are possible. Ellipsoid, cylindrical, etc. RH

Also, what are the largest dim spheres suitable for fusor research (currently in production) categorized by construction material?

1 meter is the largest diameter I have seen or heard of, but these all work at very deep vacuum levels.

What is the price range?

The 1 meter chambers are cheap at about $2500.00, but the pumping and gas handling equipment is on the order of $100,000.00 in the system I have seen. One million dollars might work up an ambitious 1 meter system with all the scientific apparatus and instrumentation required to do good work.

Richard Hull