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Subject: Re: X-Ray Transformer Oil
Date: May 13, 4:37 pm
Poster: Dave Cooper

On May 13, 4:37 pm, Dave Cooper wrote:

>Your system sounds like it could go either way on the PCB oil question you asked. Not all manufacturers went over to PCB's instantly, some never did on X-ray units. Most PCBs were used in utility and distribution transformers.
>Why worry about the PCB's? They won't hurt you. The real PCB hassle comes in trying to get rid of the thing if you take it to the wrong place at the wrong time. E-bay it again it you tire of it.
Richard is correct here on both counts... The real purpose of the PCB type oils was actually to be fire proof. GE invented at least one type, called Pyranol, think it was introduced in the 30's.., which is in some types of older capacitors. The fire danger comes not from the PCB oil, catching fire, (it is nominally fireproof or at least quite difficult to ignite) ...but other things or... a mixture of PCB and mineral oils..which is flammable.

At ultility eqpuipment suppliers URL is http://www.Electricinet.com... you can probably find a PCB test kit.. if you really want to check the stuff. Disposal could be problematical.. as there are only a couple of EPA aprroved sites and the operators know they have you and charge appropriately.

Dave Cooper