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Subject: Re: Vacuum Alternatives
Date: May 13, 11:22 pm

On May 13, 11:22 pm, wrote:

>After reading about water arc jets and plasma blasts, and the pondermotive forces created by microwaved plasmas, It wouldn't suprize me to find a usefull pump could be made:
>1. With a series of high-current capactive discharged along a glass pipe, MHD-caterpillar style;
>2. Using a microwave excited spiral antenna around the vacuum plasma tube, to electrodynamicaly pump plasma out.
>One other thing to consider is, if you have a self-consistant pressurized plasmiod with a beta (the ratio of magnetic to gas pressure) > 1, then you might start the plasmoid with an energy bang in a relatively high vacuum and just supply enough energy to the plasmoid to keep it hot enough to repel the ambient gas pressure.
>The papers on the electron-spiral toroid state that it will repel ions away from it, though probably with power loss.
>Of course you need to know the field configuration and parameters of the plasmoid to be able to spawn it.

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