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Subject: Re: What do I intend to do???
Date: May 16, 11:09 pm

On May 16, 11:09 pm, wrote:

I have not found any serious lack in Mathematica by Wolfram Research. It is user extensible... But what I DO LIKE is its "notebook" capability... You can actually build mathematical "lectures" with it... VERY NICE! It can also accept (and recognize) various "symbolic" equations over numeric... I prefer a program that can do such...
It is also programable... You can create your own analysis packages... Super program! A bit "spendy," but if you are doing analysis on a daily or weekly basis - TCO will be MUCH less then the value of your time! (It could save you man-days to man-months!)

>>Am not too familiar with mathematica--can it do regressions, ANOVAs/MANOVAs, canonical correlation analysis, cluster analysis, and factor analysis? I use SAS and SPSS primarily, apart from simple spreadsheet stuff with Excel.
>Ummm, yes. Mathematica is just about the top symbolic math package on the market. You name it, it can do it. In college I wrote plasma simulations in pure Mathematica.