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Subject: Re: Fusor-actual construction
Date: May 18, 9:47 am
Poster: Robert McSwain

On May 18, 9:47 am, Robert McSwain wrote:

>I am glad to see that someone outside of secret government circles is working on the fusor. I only just learned of the device a week and a half ago. Some eight to ten years ago I concieved of something similar to the opposed gun design for fusion only I thought using hydrogen to impact on some larger atom like boron would be easier to do even though hitting another hydrogen atom would yield more energy according to Bushbaums. It is possible that experimentation with Farnsworths tubes continued secretly, why, his tubes would have been perfect for use in the Philedelphia experiment and from what I have heard on the late night Art Bell radio show such experiments did indeed continue scecretly, maybe even to the poooint of creating external virtual electrodes at an extremly large dimension(force fields) within the atmosphere. Anyway, I do beleive that Farnsworths invention does work though you do have to get the dimensioning precisly done if you want the device to work as described after all you are trying to achieve something at the atomic scale. Have you ever heard about an electron accelerator that uses two seperate frequency lasers to push electrons by the beat frequency produced by mixing the two lasers? Why wouldn't something like that work on the protons of a hydrogen atom. I would rather see you working with hydrogen than deutereum, you might have better success since that is what Farnsworth used. In case you are wondering, my interest in such things as this has been lifelong, or at least since grade school when I built a one tube photoelctric relay circuit for a science fair, I only got an honorable mention while the guy next me in his everyday suit and tie had made a carbon arc lamp using the carbon rods out of a couple of D cells, a flower pot, a glass tray filled with salt water for the dropping resistor. Needless to say he got first prize. Anyway later I went into the military and got trained in the 22l20 MOS thats NIKE/HERC missile guidance radar trained in testing and maintenance of not only the test equipment but the chassis from the radars and their support equipment as well, can you imagine a five tube dual channel op amps, lots of them used in an analog computer to use the radar signals to guide the missile to its target. Anyways since I became unemployed some 13 years ago I have been exploring, doing among other things being an activist and that science I began with that long ago science fair project, I have I think developed some understanding of Farnsworths thinking. I would characterise his devices as micro scalar in function where shape and physical placement and relationship of the elctrodes and other elements that play active or passive or parasitic roles to each other to create the proper lenses affecting the ion particle streams or electrons or the rf. Like Farnsworth I'm rather unwise about money matters. Anyway, those are just a few of my thoughts thanks.