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Subject: New Vacuum System
Date: Oct 02, 11:21 pm
Poster: Joshua Resnick

On Oct 02, 11:21 pm, Joshua Resnick wrote:

I am putting together a more useful experimental test-bed for Fusor experimentation. I would like to get some input from experienced experimenters in this field on the feasibility of my proposed design. The purpose of this design is to allow a wide range of sizes for scaling,and heavy duty x-ray and neutron shielding (which can be implemented when needed).
I have obtained a suitable mechanical pump and am currently working around the 15 micron range but feel that with a fore-line trap and some simple design improvements this can be greatly enhanced. The design consists of an aluminum cylinder (the cyl is 12" OD with 1/4" walls) with a welded baseplate and removable top plate with a viewport. The vacuum and HV connections will be made to the bottom of the chamber. Surrounding the chamber will be another cylinder, some type of former with 6-8" of borated sand or paraffin for a moderator. Surrounding this will be layers of lead flashing layered to the proper thickness. The top and bottom will also have proper shielding in the form of two disks of similar construction to the cylinder. A clear, removable plexiglass cylinder will rest above the window to act as a transparent moderator for a ccd camera, photocell, or other observation device. When removed, a neutron counter can be placed there as well. The goal of the system would be to directly measure the effects of scaling on efficiency and have a working neutron generation system.

Please let me know your thoughts on this type of arrangement.

Joshua Resnick