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Subject: Re: Got the video, some observations
Date: May 18, 10:20 pm

On May 18, 10:20 pm, wrote:

Yes, exactly - the most electrostatically favorable grid exit - (imagine a 10 meter - or larger, chamber) Please forgive me for my speculations, I don't have a test environment yet... It is driving me mad! It still overwhelms me that I conceived of almost this identical device 15 years ago - while I was in college (Except I had eight ion guns implanting to the core) and had no way of knowing it had already had been built... I had a good friend who was in almost constant contact with Feynman - who said (not Feynman) it "could not work." I made the mistake(?) of listening to him... What a wonderful thing the WEB is... For over two years I searched the web on the topic of fusion... I am currently functioning as a dweeb on several software projects... The Fusor has given me a renewed optimism on life. My boss personally delivered the fusor video to me (thanks Rich)... (He seems to like Tesla Coils) -
He asked me "what point is there attaining sustained fusion... :-)! How does one react to this?
>>Just noticing some of the effects of the video...
>>So, to sum it, all the wires should integrate such that the open space is equal across all of them...
>>This should "scale up" quite well...
>The outer grid in the demo fusor disappears in a SS (stainless steel) fusor to do the simplest fusion. Its alignment is of no real consequence as it is just a field shaper electrode. One should not attempt real fusion in a demo fusor within a bell jar. The power levels are such that the glass in in danger of shattering and the vessel imploding.
> The movements of the primary bugle jets in the video of the demo fusor II was fortuitous as the system was being pumped. Once the pumps were off and the system settled down, the jet chose the most electrostatically favorable grid exit and stayed there.
>Richard Hull