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Subject: Re: Classified(?) patents
Poster: Jim Lux

On , Jim Lux wrote:

>There are patents, and there are "classified patents" What is our strategy to deal with the latter? Those of you "in the know" may have some ideas - yes?

Are you worried about infringing a secret patent? I would think that if a patent is secret is because it has been classified as national security and is probably owned by the US Govt which, in general, grants a non-exclusive license for use.

Are you worried about doing something that then gets classified after the fact? If you submit a patent application for nuclear things, it is reviewed by someone who assesses it for national security implications and then makes a classification determination. If it is national security related, the information will be classified at an appropriate level and you'll have to get a clearance to see your own notes. (I note that getting a clearance as an individual is non-trivial)

From first hand experience, I'd guess that you'll almost certainly get a visit from the FBI as well. The very nice agent will explain that there are some things that they are sensitive to and that if you intend to distribute the information that "you should know better", etc.

This is a sort of strange area for security because it is unlike work at a secure facility where the people generating the info are cleared and have guidelines (generally classified) as to what is classified and what isn't, as well as a organizational infrastructure to deal with it.

If you start getting close to problem areas, you'll know.....