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Subject: Re: Homemade High-Voltage Transformer
Date: May 19, 4:27 pm
Poster: Scott Stephens

On May 19, 4:27 pm, Scott Stephens wrote:

>>OK, looking to come up with 120KV transformer - where do I start?... I expect X-rays...
>X-ray machine power supplies... Typical medical xray machines run at around 90-140 kV.
>How much current? A voltage multiplier driven by an inverter might be a more cost effective approach. Jochen Kronjaeger's web page has a 100 kV+ stack built from modified TV triplers.

That can't put out much power, 15 watts or so, can it? And you might need high frequency too. Car coils can be abused to put out 100+ kV in oil, and with around 50 Watts or better maybe.

Its the pulse power that counts, to emit neutron bursts.