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Subject: Re: Homemade High-Voltage Transformer
Date: May 20, 0:30 am
Poster: Rolf L. Quam

On May 20, 0:30 am, Rolf L. Quam wrote:

OK, my max power is 240 volts at let's say 20-40 amps... Don't want to trip the circuit breakers... Tapping into the air-conditioner/stove circuits...
There have been some X-ray power supplies on E-Bay, but I have lost out on those... Seems simpler just to build my own transformer... I've got the theory - but not the technology of builing transformers... Especially a 500-1000 to one winding... However, there is one guy currently advertising bulk magnet wire on EBay...

>>>OK, looking to come up with 120KV transformer - where do I start?... I expect X-rays...
>>X-ray machine power supplies... Typical medical xray machines run at around 90-140 kV.
>>How much current? A voltage multiplier driven by an inverter might be a more cost effective approach. Jochen Kronjaeger's web page has a 100 kV+ stack built from modified TV triplers.
>That can't put out much power, 15 watts or so, can it? And you might need high frequency too. Car coils can be abused to put out 100+ kV in oil, and with around 50 Watts or better maybe.
>Its the pulse power that counts, to emit neutron bursts.