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Subject: Re: New Vacuum System
Date: Oct 05, 11:00 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 05, 11:00 am, Richard Hull wrote:

The design consists of an aluminum cylinder (the cyl is 12" OD with 1/4" walls) with a welded baseplate and removable top plate with a viewport. The vacuum and HV connections will be made to the bottom of the chamber.
The goal of the system would be to directly measure the effects of scaling on efficiency and have a working neutron generation system.
>Please let me know your thoughts on this type of arrangement.
>Joshua Resnick


The ideas you have seem very good. You are planning a "sky-shine model". I am assuming the viewport and open window will be on top.

This is the way Farnsworth built his machine. There was little or no protection upward, but good shielding all around. This mean top floor operation. I hope I understood your post OK.

Good luck on the new operation and vacuum system.

Richard Hull