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Subject: Re: Cooperation
Date: May 22, 10:15 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 22, 10:15 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>I think we should cooperate in our efforts in such spaces such as EBay... If we see one or another on a bid - we should contact and clarify our intentions... I would not be surprised if I have bid against people who support this board... You can always tell me

E-bay is a dog eat dog place where there are no friends....., only interested bidders Vicious battles are often fought over one of a kind items which their owners couldn't sell locally for $5.00. There is always for ecclectic, well heeled, whacko, dilitante who will happily pay $500.00 for that same item that sat on some guy's outdoor fleamarket table for the last 10 years with a $2.00 price tag on it!

The world is a crazy place, populated by a lot of crazy folks. E-bay is just the latest arena for modern day gladiators to battle it out. The guy with the will to win, a sense of timing, cunning and the most bucks always prevails. Adroit people with a genuine sense of value for what is being sold will never win, but be left in the dust as the crazies chase the price to the moon.

E-bay is a sellers paradise! The world wide exposure warrants top dollar will be paid if the piece is presented well and warranted to be as advertised and fully warranted.

Richard Hull