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Subject: Re: If it is not quite sphererical is it a fusor
Date: May 26, 7:02 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 26, 7:02 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Looking at Mr Hulls, new web site and then jumping
>back here to read more mesages, I notice the
>outer grid? on the fusor III photos is a set of rings forming a sphere with holes. Is the grid designed for this shape or is it the easyist
>grid to manufacture. The holes bother me as
>stuff can leek out thru them.


????? I think you must be looking at the page with Fusor I on it. This is inside the plastic desicator. The outer grid is efectively and electrostatically a basic sphere to the system.

It is , indeed made up of 5 concentric SS circles to make a form of geodesic. It is the only way to make a demo fusor for high visibility in a bell jar or other totally insulating housing.

Fusor III is in a flawlessly spherical SS solid housing which replaces the old wire grid system in Fusors I and II. It is shown of the first fusor page and labeled as such in the text. RH

>While I have to read more on fusor design
>could a ac wave on the dc grids be used to compress and heat the plasma further.

This thought has already been discussed here in past posts and represents a pulsed theme where the peak power in such a pulse could easily be brought in the megawatt range in a 6" fusor. No one has "bellied up to th' bar" on this effort yet within this BBS group.

Richard Hull