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Subject: Making IEC's
Date: May 27, 10:58 pm
Poster: Nathan K

On May 27, 10:58 pm, Nathan K wrote:

I was looking at Richard's new website and saw his first demonstrator device and I find my self in the same area of development. As an amateur researcher I have not found it necessary to make a full blown neutron producing device.

The reason for this is a simple one, it is not necessary to make a neutron producing IEC to study the IEC concept in a meaningful way. In reality the fact that I'm operating below fusion level, but still have the same kind of relationships in my system as are present in a neutron generating device allows me to try many new forms and ideas with little if no real cost or effort.

So, I can test new grid ideas and configurations very fast with little money. My studies have concentrated on the electrostatic field densities and ion confinement.

I like were I'm at and I'm going to stay here until it becomes necessary for me to create a real neutron producing version of my concepts.