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Subject: Re: Hydrinos
Date: May 29, 0:18 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 29, 0:18 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>One thing I did find interesting from my quick reading of the article is the similarity between Mills' model of an electron and that of Common Sense Science (http://www.commonsensescience.org/)

This is why I like the idea of the hydrino so much...., but hey, In the late 50's I liked the Bondi-Hoyle continuous creation universe and never have really given up totally on something akin to an aether. I am always prepared to be wrong. RH

>Without alternative ideas, there would be no innovation. But this could be a scam. Best to be cautious. My theory is (get ready for some real simplistic thinking) that Quantum Mechanics does a good job modeling real phenomena, but it isn't quite right, and our scientific advancement is being retarded.

Well spoken. Quantum mechanics has some real problems (mostly the lack of definitions or physical models with a lot of nebulous or impossible assumptions) Still, it's a good toy to keep the folks who tool around in it the security blanket they need to feel all is well in their world. Remember the whole field was dreamed up to be the thumb of the little dutch boy in the leaky dike of early nuclear physics.

Basically in the 1920's; somebody does and experiment, gets weird results, a self consistent cover story is made up. More unusual results..... the cover story is modified and as time goes on it gets more modifications, but is never for one moment considered wrong as long as more codiciles can be heaped on. At a distance it looks like a quote from a Monty Python skit...."they are making it up as they go along."