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Subject: Farnsworth team images
Date: May 30, 9:08 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 30, 9:08 am, Richard Hull wrote:


I just put up a few images of the ITT effort on my website. These are never seen images and are personal and private photos turned over to me by George Bain and Gene Meeks. I have more and will post as I have time and inclination.

What is really neat is that they (the ITT team) used a 4X5 polaroid back on a speed graphic in those days and burned through hundreds of film packs with most of the investigators getting a shot or two here and there for there personal stash. Negative shots were very rare and thus each image is a one off, totally unique image with no negative extant.

I also posted a modern day shot of Bob Hirsch (from one of my interviews) with the 1972 patent fusor which is in his possession.


Richard Hull