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Subject: Re: Following your dream
Date: Jun 01, 7:48 pm
Poster: Ben Franchuk

On Jun 01, 7:48 pm, Ben Franchuk wrote:

>Following a passion...
>Nuclear fusion is a great endeavor, power for everyone... I support that, but my, personal, passion is propulsion... Am interested in the works of fusors with R.W. Bussard... We need to get off this rock as soon as possible... Mr. Hull, you said that Tom Lingon is one of his accolytes... I would be willing to join ship as a "seaman no-class."
>Could you "set us up?"

While you are at it , I need a ticket to see
my rolling estate on Mars. Forget gold,silver
or iron,water is the big item in space. I hope
have some on my land. :)

Really atomic energy will not help
exploration of space until one gets a
re-usable chemical rocket/plane with payload
costs 4x the fuel.(Hydrocarbon/O2) for
low earth orbit. Radiation shelding is
just to heavy for orbital craft. Solar
electric-plasma drive would work for venus
/mars. Nucluar for the outer system.