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Subject: Re: Alpha particles
Date: Jun 02, 6:58 pm
Poster: Nathan K

On Jun 02, 6:58 pm, Nathan K wrote:

>Regard Alpha particles:
>Jim was correct, alpha particles would never leave the chamber. Secondly anything that would detect the low penetration alpha would be swamped by the torent of electrons bombarding the outer shell area (where a thin windowed alpha detector might be situated.)
>Itis good that this group is looking at alternative ways of detecting fusion signatures over the BF3 counter or the BC-720 proton recoil scintillator. Remember that Scott Little double verified his work with the BC-720 by also placing a continuous diffusion wilson cloud chamber outside of his fusor which had a plastic cover and observed the proton recoils directly. The images were on his website.
>Richard Hull

I've seen some angled windows for proton detectors that are faced with the same problem.

Nathan K.