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Subject: Request for element transmutation info
Date: Jun 05, 6:14 pm
Poster: Neil

On Jun 05, 6:14 pm, Neil wrote:

Is there anyone out there that could either put up or point out a website with info showing a table or similar that shows what results when various common elements are fused together and the energies needed? This is not just the list of those that are used with the goal in making energy from fusion or the usual table that shows how the stars make the various elements (like "hydrogen and helium burning"). My interest is to make a new variant of the fusor that is designed for transmuting the elements (there were particle accelerators used to make various "synthetic elements", mainly the heavier elements). It would helpful to take some of the trial-and-error for the design if someone could provide the energies needed for the various reactions and what the results would be (note that it is not simply a matter of adding up the protons and neutrons, since some are unstable and decay relatively quickly). Note that I am well aware that the result will have many impurities and assorted side reactions and will need to be purified. The fact that the reactions will not have any chance of producing more energy than it consumes is okay, since the goal is more to study transmutation of the elements.

Among the "raw material" elements that I am considering includes: hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, silicon, etc. Then maybe cycling the results through the system again for several cycles to get to the more heavier elements.

As a further question, what level of energies would be used for chemical bonds and what would be the upper levels before it is too great. I am thinking of making a low energy version of the device initially to see if I can make things like diamond dust, fullerenes, glass micropheres, etc.

Thanks for any information that you can provide.