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Subject: Re: Hot 4 mev ion source - ITS BACK!
Date: Jun 08, 1:12 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 08, 1:12 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Hey, I've bought big heavy stuff and then had to get it home.. like a couple of pallets of pulse caps. When the forklift set them on the back of the 1 ton flatbed, I thought that the frame would be permanently bent.. Nope, just down on the end of travel bumpers. Drive slow, don't hit any holes, etc. Such is the life of a low budget scrounger...


I too am a long time,low budget scrounger, and have dragged, slid, lugged, pushed and rolled my share of tonnage along toward waiting vehicles, but hey, I was there, the stuff was visible and reasonably or incredibly low priced.

This "Atom Smasher" really beats all though.

It is at great range for 99% of the bidders.... The reserve is in the stratosphere....One can only imagine the bidders stumbling around in "the basement" with $112.00 bids. How many are appartment dwellers? How many are nuclear wanna-bes or Rad-heads.

I get a few folks, ( I was too kind...DWEEBS), each year asking me about what it would take to make a bomb! One can only wonder at the stability of these folks too.

When selling my elements to collectors, I get 98% of the folks asking for Arsenic, Radium, U-235, Phosphorus, Plutonium, etc. They never ask for Niobium, Indium, etc., just th' killer stuff that I either don't have or can't ship. Again, one must naturally wonder about the agendas for some of these people. It is probably better not to know though........

E-bay is a magnifiying glass peering into the unusual in both merchandise and people.

And I though doing fusion was kind of odd and esoteric...........

Richard Hull