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Subject: Re: Fusor + Magnetics
Date: Jun 09, 8:36 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 09, 8:36 am, Richard Hull wrote:

This fusion BBS was started specifically to deal with Phil Farnsworth's IECF fusion system and discuss fusion related issues.

It is open to any ideas on fusion, however. This also includes actual techniques of construction and other related minutia to fusion and the doing of same.

A few have posted in the past about magnetic confinment working with the electrostatic aspect, but little has actually been done here on the matter. (to my knowledge.)

All the actual neutron producing fusors and demo air fusors built thus far work solely on the IECF (inertial electrostaic confinment fusion) method. Mainly, because it is easy to apply and make work at the amateur level.

I hope your college years go well and welcome aboard.

Richard Hull