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Subject: New fusioneer list
Date: Jun 14, 8:52 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 14, 8:52 am, Richard Hull wrote:

Here is the latest list with Clay's name added. Again, let me know if your status changes and I'll move your name to the proper area.

Richard Hull

Known active Amateur fusioneers and aspirants who

1.Assembling parts:

Ely Silk
Don Estes
Scott Stephens
Jim Lux
Jochen Kronjaeger
Richard Hester
Clay Codner

2. Operating a Demo fusor (using air or other gases):

Joshua Resnick
Ed Wingate
Tom Ligon
Marcus Kolb
Gerald Morris
Joe Zambelli

3. Operating a real neutron producing fusor (normally
d-d fusion)

Richard Hull
Scott Little