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Subject: Re: Farnsworth's work was completed!
Date: Jan 07, 4:22 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 07, 4:22 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Farnsworth did in fact realize his dream before he
>died. There are people I beleive are trying to keep this a very gaurded secret. I have been doing
>similar research for about seventeen years now.
>There is a post that mentions information gotten
>from an associate of Farnsworth, why has he not come forward with the Patent number? There are about 10 patents that reference it on the IBM Patent server. -BAP

I have interviewed all the princples on the original ITT/Farnsworth group. The book Distant Visons (Farnsworth bio), aludes to a sustained reaction. I specifically put this specific incident to the members separately and they imphatically denied this as a confirmed sustained reaction! The event referred to in the book appears to have been related to faulty or baulky metrology. When tested for following repair and recalibration, the anomoly was never seen again.

Richard Hull