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Subject: Somebody to add to your list
Date: Jun 14, 11:04 am
Poster: Clay Codner

On Jun 14, 11:04 am, Clay Codner wrote:

Hi guys,

I recently stumbled across the whole Fusor concept , and it has completely fired my imagination. I have read many of the posts here, and have already put together a parts list for the power supply and visited one of the local junkyards for ideas.

I am a graduate of the University of Michigan Electrical Engineering program, which means I have lots of theory, but little hands on experience.

My goals:
1) Build a demo fusor running at about 5kv. I need to build experience with the various components of the system before moving on. I also think that there are ripe opportunities for research at this level.
2) Build a full, neutron producing fusor. There are obviously aspects of the device which need to be researched on a fullly nuclear device.
3) I'll worry about 3 when I get here.

I think that what you guys have put together here is very impressive. There is no other amateur project out there as exciting as this. I really look forward to working with you guys.