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Subject: Introduction
Date: Jun 18, 9:03 am
Poster: Don Harris

On Jun 18, 9:03 am, Don Harris wrote:

Hi Guys

Just thought it was time to introduce myself. I
have been "Lurking" around the BBS for some time
now, trying to learn all I can about the Fusor.
It is amazing that us amatures can get into this
game, with the fusor, and play with the big boys.
It would not surprise me to see someone on this
board make a major contribution to the field of
Nuclear Fusion.

I am an electronics tech. and do a lot of tinkering with home projects. I made a home
computer, with an 8008 chip (thats right 8008 not 8080), back before there was home computers.

I have collected the following parts in preparation for building a fusor.

1. X-Ray machine with 50KV 0-60MA power supply.
(the machine has a bad X-Ray tube but the tube
is not needed anyway.
2. Two pyrex vacuum decicators (Bottoms of each
only, but they have plenty of room for an
eight inch geo)
3. Gyger counter
4. Two mechanical vacuum pumps
5. Diffusion pump
6. Lots of Electronics Test Equipment.
7. Canberra MCA 35 complete with Sodium Idodine
scintilattion tube. (I think I will auction
this rig on Ebay soon.)

The above list seems to be the major ingredients,
but I am out of room to work. To help with that
problem I have started a pole barn in which to work. The construction may take a while, due to
limited cash, but I am eager to get finished.

It has been a pleasure reading the BBS and learning from you guys and I will be talking again
when I am able to start construction of a fusor.

I guess you can put me on the list with those who
are assembling parts.

Bye For Now

Don Harris