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Subject: More pumps
Date: Jun 21, 8:21 am
Poster: Clay Codner

On Jun 21, 8:21 am, Clay Codner wrote:

There is a pump I found that looks like it might work for my first-shot demo fusor. Anybody have an idea on if this thing will work for a first fusor? How much is a fair price for it?

I guess my big concern is that I hear people talking about 6-8 CFM pumps and this one is .88CFM.

Any help is appreciated.


A double stage belt drive vacuum pump, model D25 (25 1/m (0.88 CFM) 0.1 micron), made by Precision Scientific. These pumps use a rotary vane mechanical pumping action for quiet and virtually vibration free operation. They are designed to operate at elevated temperatures (typically 65 degrees celcius)and include vented exhausts to prevent condensation of contaminating vapors. Traps effectively prevent oil backup in the event of power failure or other shut off of pumping under vacuum. This vacuum pump is in perfect working condition.