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Subject: Re: Home Made Spot Welder
Date: Jun 21, 1:27 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 21, 1:27 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Why not just a use a spark gap type trigger
>if you can't find a tube. The main disavantage
>would be the slow time for air gap to restore
>it self, but with a slow charge time for the caps
>that may no be a problem.


One would be hard pressed indeed to construct a reliable, repeatable spark gap for 1kv. The gap would be extremely small and energy control would rely on a variable gap spacing. A triggered air gap might be devised, but would need frequent servicing due to the small size and rapid electrode errosion.

If one were successful at the task it would probably mean that a lot of development time was given over to the task.

Any one want to try?

Richard Hull