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Subject: Re: Glass Process Stuff
Date: Jun 22, 11:42 am
Poster: Richard Hester

On Jun 22, 11:42 am, Richard Hester wrote:

If you want to use process pipe for a fusor, you definitely want to use a fairly fine mesh for your outer grid to intercept stray electron beams that can quite literally melt a hole in the glass. Just about every reference to glass chambers I have seen comes with a story about pinpoint electron beams melting the chamber walls. If you look on Richard Hull's site you will also find an experimenter who had a problem with electron beams and his view port, solved with a piece of mesh.

The pyrex process pipe will be easier to work with and probably cheaper than the spherical chamber you contemplate. There has been a fair amount of work done on cylindrical fusors, mostly at U. of Illinois. I am tending that way myself, as chance has placed inexpensive cylindrical chambers in my way...

Richard Hester

P.S. You might also want to look for process pipe on the used market. I'm sure that when a chemical or food processing facility is torn down, the stuff isn't just thrown in the trash.

>I am dutifully going over old posts, which are goldmines of info, and came across one that mentions http://www.qvfps.com/qvfgp.html for looking at glass process pipe for vacuum vessels. I also noticed that they had spherical glass vessels, some of which were about right for a demo type fusor.
>I don't yet know costs....