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Subject: Re: Observation Window
Date: Oct 09, 4:35 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 09, 4:35 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>While rereading "Going Spherical" I noted the concern for the camera's survivability in the neutron path. Rather than placing the camera directly in the window some remote optical path thru the shielding might provide its protection. Originally I had thought to use a borescope, the kind with a right angle prism on the end to allow a right angle path thru the shield, allowing that neutrons only travel in straight lines, something I'll have to prove for my self rather than take someone elses word for it. Since the reaction is self illuminating it might be possible with the right kind of lens in the window to use the window like the output of an overhead projector and view it on the wall. Even though my first fusor isn't close to running yet, I'm already planning #2 and #3 both of which will be using stainless steel spheres for the outer grid and I've just got to be able to see inside. I have a sphere for #2 and will be running inside a vacuum chamber since the thickness of the shell is rather thin (.06" approx) and I don't believe it will take the vacuum. The Farnsworths patents show a .093" thick anode shell and I'll be going for .10 for #3 if I get that far.


I am not too concerned for the camera as the neutrons are fast and the LCD is charge operated and the particles are not charged. X-ray flux might be another matter though. I use only B&W CCD type cameras of the modern variety as the resolution is very very high, the size is microscopic and the cost very low.

The spherical shell thickness of .060 will easily support the 14.7psi!!!! No problem! Remember you can suck til the cows come home, until you have not one atom in the space within and you will never exceed 14.7 PSI! That is a walk in the park for 304 SS. Good luck.