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Subject: Fusor Power Output (cynical comment)
Date: Jun 24, 10:39 pm

On Jun 24, 10:39 pm, wrote:

>>The power output of all fusors are currently a fraction of 1 watt.
>The best I have ever done is under a micro watt on my best run ever!!
>Some of the big boys....Miley, Bussard, etc., I am sure, have done better, but probably still under a watt as stated above.

Has ANY laboratory fusion apparatus (i.e. tokamaks, laser confinement, etc,) actually yielded more than a watt out? Those tiny targets in the NIF aren't going to yield all that much energy. All those "we're close to breakeven" statements are usually in terms of "power to the target", not wall plug power (which is megawatts)