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Subject: Re: Fusor Power Output - restate the question
Date: Jun 26, 1:28 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 26, 1:28 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>I will restate my question as I did not
>make it clear. If a fusor could break even
>and generate power over unity (some thing I know it can't do) what would the power out be.

That is a good question for which there must be no answers.

If the over unity fusion reaction is non-self sustaining, then it is just a matter of figuring out the COP (coefficient of performance). About a zillion factors will determine this in the early stages, but as engineering whittles down the process the device's efficiency should improve.

Of course, if the reaction self sustains, well it is just a matter of stokin' th' fuel to that baby and so far as seed energy goes, well the COP would be infinity. This is fusion's Nirvanna and Holy Grail........A sun on earth.

I wouldn't hold my breath on either possibility. Jim Lux is correct.... there is some funky new math applied by the big fusion labs telling us they nearly broke even. Of course, I have been saying it for years and most truly cogent folks in the 'biz' chortle silently at such claimed which these labs spit at the media along with the Saganesque "Billions and Billions" of degrees.

When the contracts are awarded to scrappers to demolish coal fired power plants, that will be soon enough to believe in the fusion dream proclaimed by the "real sooners".

Richard Hull