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Subject: Re: Fusor Power Output - restate the question
Poster: Jim Lux

On , Jim Lux wrote:

>When the contracts are awarded to scrappers to demolish coal fired power plants, that will be soon enough to believe in the fusion dream proclaimed by the "real sooners".

But of course, Richard, you are getting about 3e-5 (that's right 30 microwatts) peak, every time you get a fusion (2 MeV = about .3E-12 Joule/ 100 nSec fusion reaction time).

Actually, if you actually look at the time required to spit the neutron out, it might even be shorter. If it was a nanosecond, you could claim a PEAK power output of 3 milliwatts! *at a temperature of 11K deg/keV*20K volts = 220 million degrees...