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Subject: Re: Bell jar for sale
Date: Jun 26, 10:28 pm
Poster: Rolf L. Quam

On Jun 26, 10:28 pm, Rolf L. Quam wrote:

And if this guy (who is also offering the "Atom Smasher") ever gets down to a price I can afford - his initial reserve was $2500 - I will just go over and pick it up. He is within a 1.75 hour (non-rush)drive from me. The most I have ever seen for this kind of item on EBay is $720.0

>>I have consistantly been high bidder. However, I have never met the reserve price.
>This thing has been up about three times. I think the winners have been possibly put off by the shipping costs, as you said. The jar would have to be professionally crated or palletized and shipped by motor freight. I tend not to go for things that I am unable to move with my own two hands (and maybe a hand truck).
>> Richard Hester
>>>There is a big bell jar and high vacuum pump on (oh no!) Ebay for those interested. I like it, but shipping from CA to OH would be a bit steep.