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Subject: Re: Fusion power...here now
Date: Jun 29, 2:39 am
Poster: Ivan Vuletich

On Jun 29, 2:39 am, Ivan Vuletich wrote:


Boiling water is environmentally friendly!. After all the waste product is just water vapour ;-)

>The difference is hydro energy is totally clean, virtually zero impact, totally renewable and, except for equipment maintenance, it is the truest form of "free energy" (God how I have hated that term "free energy" in the past.)

On a more serious note, hydro energy has quite serious environmental impacts, both in construction and ongoing running. As it means making serious changes to a river system. The Snowy Mountains scheme here in Australia is now counted as a classic environmental disaster.
Overall, hydro is probably better than burning coal.

>Here is the Burkian logic.......
>a. Sun is a fusion reactor
>b. Earth absorbs fusion energy (we are the kettle)
>c. Water on earth boils (evaporates)
>d. Vapor rises to sky where cooled, it condenses.
>e. Atmospheric condensed water falls on high ground.
>f. Runoff forms vast rivers flowing DOWN towards sea level. (Seeks lowest potential energy)
>g. Man erects dam.
>h. Water goes over dam.
>i. Gravitational potential energy is converted to rotational shaft energy.
>j. Shaft energy converted to electricity.
>k. Water flows on to sea.
>l. Water is boiled (evaporates by fusion power generator)
>Without interruption and at no charge, the energy is provided in the final form of gravitational potential energy by a fusion reactor. Here...Now!

Gasp!. You mean that hydro dams are NUCLEAR powered!. We should ban them right away!.