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Subject: Re: Fusion power...here now
Date: Jun 29, 11:08 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 29, 11:08 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Gasp!. You mean that hydro dams are NUCLEAR powered!. We should ban them right away!.


Oh yes! The base energy source for 100% of hydro electric power is H + H fusion. It is all those secondary processes which mess up its efficiency.

We are fortunate that we have such a huge surface area of water on the planet to suck up those fusion radiation remenants from such a tiny included angle and at such great range.

Also the conversion efficiency of incident radiation at the water's surface to heat is virtually 100%.

As regards damning of damming, Animals and Humans can adapt to even massive and permenant flooding, loss of habitat, and loss of life. Nature cuts such aquatic swaths through the works of man and destroys much yearly. Nature is much less likely to foul an atmosphere by igniting all the fossil fuels on earth in two centuries.

Huge numbers of massive dams. with attendant flooding,etc would have far less effect on the future of men and beasts on the planet than a lethal atmosphere.

Richard Hull