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Subject: Re: Magnetic protection and scattering
Date: Jun 30, 7:12 am
Poster: Nathan K

On Jun 30, 7:12 am, Nathan K wrote:

>Could one run a current thru the fusor internal grid to generate a magnetic field and see what happens?
**************************************************Actually, that is exactly what the guys at Los Alamos and I believe Bussard have done and are still doing.

They use the current to create a magnetic field that protects against particle bombardment, but like I stated, I'm not sure that you can do this without scattering the ions, unless you make a larger grid and then you loose density.

I guess if magnetic protection was really as good as some have stated, Bussard would have never tried to get rid of the grid in the first place. The guys at Los Alamos use the magnetic protection in conjunction with an active cooling system so they can raise the power input without destroying the inner grid.

I think the Los Alamos approach is the only way to take advantage of the magnetic protection of the inner grid. Also if I'm not mistaking the loops that make up the grid must be insulated against each other to allow proper current flow to form the magnetic field.