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Subject: Re: Fusor Power Output - restate the question
Date: Jul 03, 0:28 am
Poster: Dave Cooper

On Jul 03, 0:28 am, Dave Cooper wrote:

Two Points:

1. I'm certain the large facilities have reported terawatt levels of fusion power for some tens of nanoseconds, which is kilojoules. Even the most enthusiastic breakeven claims are reasonably careful to point out the difference between the output to input POWER ratio and true breakeven, ENERGY production.

Which leads to point two:

2. It seems more useful to describe the fusor operating conditions in terms of output energy than outut power. This would help keep the achievments in perspective. (It doesn't take much to produce a few gigawatt electric discharge - a few nF of capacitance at a few kV discharged in nS. - yet the energy involved couldnt warm your coffee.)