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Subject: Re: electron emission materials
Date: Jul 07, 10:33 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 07, 10:33 am, Richard Hull wrote:

> Also this particular suggestion is a bit way out there: would platinum or rhodium wire have any catalytic effect (a la cold fusion) on the fusion?
>i guess the grids are way out of the multipactor?
>reaction area so you'd have to have some metal in the centre.... pure platinum metals have very high melting temperatures so they may survive for a while in that environment, possibly with the wire extending into a cooler are for the heatsinking effect.

Any wire in the center would upset the electrostatic fields. These are what the device is all about. This is why one cannot langmuir probe the device to get much needed info. RH

> Also can i get away with a couple of stacked refrigerator for the vacuum generation?, would that be enough vacuum or should I get something more substantial?.

Refrigerator compressors are not satisfactory even in tandem. Their valves limit them and they are single stage devices. RH


> Finally last but not least can i build something better than the Daimler Chrysler aerospace fusor unit: http://www.dasa.de/dasa/index_e.htm?
>/dasa/e/ri/trauen/fusion/spec.htm with 5 x 10^6 neutrons per second.


Yes, The Hirsch-Meeks multigrid fusor with electron source out near the shell should do better. It is more complicated and will cost more.

The patent drawings URLs were posted here earlier.

Richard Hull
> Thanks in advance
> Mark Harriss