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Subject: Power Supply Issues
Date: Jul 07, 1:49 pm
Poster: Clay Codner

On Jul 07, 1:49 pm, Clay Codner wrote:

I am sure this is covered in a previous post, but can't find it.

I have purchased a 12KV, 60ma neon-type transformer for use in my fusor. I intend to rectify this to DC using a self-built rectifier. Coupled with a variac, this should produce about 0-17KV.

The problem I have is this: I have read that grounded neon transformers should not be used for the fusor. Why? It should be a simple matter to produce the -5KV to -9KV that I intend to run it at initially. In fact, it seems that once to pass through the diode bridge, you loose your original ground reference anyways.

Any thoughts?