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Subject: Re: Power Supply Issues
Date: Jul 07, 4:49 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 07, 4:49 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>I have purchased a 12KV, 60ma neon-type transformer for use in my fusor. I intend to rectify this to DC using a self-built rectifier. Coupled with a variac, this should produce about 0-17KV.
>The problem I have is this: I have read that grounded neon transformers should not be used for the fusor. Why? It should be a simple matter to produce the -5KV to -9KV that I intend to run it at initially. In fact, it seems that once to pass through the diode bridge, you loose your original ground reference anyways.

Remember, the outer shell of the fusor is ground in all systems for safety. In a glass bell jar you can risk a floater outer grid but I would never do it. With SS systems, forget it.

The transformer insulation, primary to secondary will not support the full tension due to the way the transformer is built. Thye split the secondary to ground in the center for insulation and safetys sake.

A bridge will not isolate the tranformer with some spikes or unforeseen burps in the operational proceedure. You will undoubtedly discover a ground loop to the bridge in some fashion, hopefully not by lethal shock.

Richard Hull

A 15 KV transformer with a FW setup againsr case ground can produce a no load 10kv output. At 50% of the xfrmr's rtated current you would be lucky to produce 6kvdc. There is no way you will get 60ma out of a 60ma neon transformer! It will be down to about 3 kv at that level. These are magnetically shunted items.

Richard Hull