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Subject: Re: Power Supply Issues
Date: Jul 07, 8:35 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 07, 8:35 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Neon sign transformers have a center tapped secondary, with the center tap grounded to the case. What you have in reality is a +/- 6kV AC transformer.


Those who obtained my original Fusor video will remember that Tom Ligon used a neon transformer in his demo fusor and that I actually gave a useful schematic on the video for a neon xfrmr based fusor supply with metering. I highly recommend using only a neon transformer for all demo fusors up to 5-6 KV input! They are cheap and available.

Those who have been around on this list or who have followed my Website's pointers to Scott Little's site, will remember/discover that Scott floated a 15kv neon xfrmr on a thick chunk of plastic and actually did fusion! He used it as a choke and not as a power xfrmr though. The insulation held due to his flaoting the device and not hooking anything to the primary. You will note that he had the thing up in the air, out of arms reach, too! Touching its outer case during a run would prove instantly fatal.

Float these babies at your own risk.

Richard Hull