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Subject: NEW FUSOR VIDEO - now available
Date: Jul 09, 6:19 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 09, 6:19 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

Well guys, The long promised Fusor tape #2 is now complete. I am rather proud of the effort. Those interested in real fusion might want this example of fusion in action. Most of you have tape #1. This is its natural mate and extension.

A detailed index to both tapes is given
below. Both VHS tapes are $25.00 and that is postpaid in the USA only They are both 2 hours long and in standard US NTSC video format.

Note: foriegners may have to convert the NTSC to PAL format to be viewed at their own expense, and foriegn postage is a flat $5.00. The tape is sent Airmail.

Again, Make all checks or money orders payable to:

Richard Hull
7103 Hermitage Road
Richmond, VA 23228

Fusor! An Introduction (tape #1 - Feb 1998)

2 hours, VHS, normal, U.S. 60 hz NTSC format, $25.00 - Postpaid in US

I. History

Early Tom Ligon demo fusor video images at the 1997 Teslathon
Superb interview with Tom Ligon on the fusor and who is doing what.
Background and dates of the Original Farnsworth fusor team effort.

II. Theory

What the fusor does and why it does it.
The reactions expected when deuterium-deuterium fusion occurs.

III. Construction of Demo model Fusor

Richard Hull's 1997 Fusor I shown in some detail.
Hull's 1998 Fusor II details with some early work.
Discussion of basic assemblies and how they fit together.
Power supply schematic for and demo fusor around a neon sign Xfrmer.
Some common sources of parts and pieces.


Fusor! Doing Fusion - Tips and Techniques (tape #2 - July 2000)

2 hours, VHS, normal, U.S. 60 hertz NTSC format, $25.00 postpaid in US

I. Prologue

Very short recap of tape#1 reminding viewer to obtain it first.
Catch up shots of amazing video shots of Fusor II not seen in tape #1.
Intoduction to this tape and statement of content and purpose.

II. Construction

Making Grids - Grid construction by spot welding and brazing, shown.

The making of Fusor III. Detailed account and video given.
a. Machining shown
b. TIG welding shown
c. Assembly and testing of fusor III
d. Deuterium manifold system shown and discussed.
e. X-ray hazards shown on fusor III.

III. Neutron counters

Boron Triflouride counters discussed and theory of operation given.
Proton recoil - Scintillation systems discussed and theory supplied.
Assembly of Hull's proton recoil counter head shown.
A BF3 counter's total insensitivity to a 2 roentgen radium souce shown.

IV. Doing Fusion! - A neutron producing run of Fusor III

This segment shows all of the startup details of a working fusor
Tips and Techniques acquired over three years are given.
Neutron background reading are taken prior startup.
Pumping of chamber and valving.
Glow cleaning system
Admiting Deuterium from the gas manifold
Jockeying of valves and power supply shown.
Once system is stabilized and producing neutrons, data run started.
End of run, date is read out.
Nice detailed segment of the mathematical data reduction to arrive at
count rate of isotropic neutrons emission.

V. Future and Past

Segment showing the progress on Fusor IV. Hirsch-Meeks design.
Never before seen images of the 1960s Farnsworth team and equipment.
Closing statement.