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Subject: oops, I was wrong....
Date: Nov 03, 08:58 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 03, 08:58 am, Richard Hull wrote:


The Ligon article entitled "The world's simplest fusion reator and how to make it work" is in the December (CURRENT ISSUE) of "Analog" magazine. page 40. The photo they used was of my unpowered bell jar fusor and not star mode. (probably not enough contrast for printing.) I jumped the gun based on what I was told initially. I now have a couple of copies in hand (from Barnes and Noble).

Tom's article is extremely interesting and very complete. It spans 13 pages with diagrams! This article has already created a storm of activity via E-mails to Tom. Farnsworth and the fusor are back in the public eye again and I imagine a number of new amateur fusor "starts" will result from the article.

Richard Hull