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Subject: Diamond electron emitters
Date: Jul 12, 8:13 pm
Poster: Mark Harriss

On Jul 12, 8:13 pm, Mark Harriss wrote:

I've been looking over the Hirsch-Meeks Fusor as a design to build for a fusor, which Richard Hull recommended to me in this message board as a more efficient fusor design. Looking thru the patent description I see at least two areas which may benefit from increased electron emission: The cathode and the ion source grid which has a thermionic cathode close to it.

There is a very short article at http://www.lerc.nasa.gov/WWW/RT1995/5000/5620k.htm about CsI doped diamond material which have a secondary electron emission co-efficient of 60 as opposed to 2-4 for most materials used in these applications. The article mentions they can get good current densities with 10-15 volts of power!! . I am not sure of the consequences for a fusor device but getting up to 30 times the electrons out of your device structures or only having to apply 15 volts to generate them looks pretty good! even though you'd still need a high electric field for the rest of the device to function.

I'd appreciate any comments as to whether this stuff is even useable for a fusor device

Mark Harriss